399 Ontario Street

Point Marion, PA 15474




How do I purchase the “Point Marion…from the beginning” book
Click here! The link will take you to Lulu.com to place your order. Or the book can be purchased at the library during normal hours.

How do I obtain a library card?
Go to the library during normal operating hours and fill out a library card request form. It is that easy!

Are there restrooms available for use at the library?
Unfortunately, there are no public restrooms available at the library.

How do I become a volunteer?
For information on becoming a volunteer please contact Zoann Callahan at 724-725-5751. All volunteers are required by law to have Child Abuse Safety Clearances approved.

Can I renew a book without going back to the library?
Yes. You can call during library hours and ask to have the book renewed, leave a message on the answering machine or use the form provided on the contact us page on our website.

Can I return a book during hours the library is closed?
The library has a book drop box located to the left of the library door. You may return books at any time.

How much is the fine for overdue books?
The fine for overdue books is $.05 for everyday the library is open. You can save yourself the fee by using our book drop box located outside the library door and is available 24/7 for your convenience.

Can I get access to the internet at the library?
Yes. See the librarian to sign in to the public use computers.

Can I donate books that are in good condition to the library?
The library, because of limited space, only accepts hardbound and audio books that are in good condition and that are not more than three years old. Do not put donations in the book return box or leave any materials outside the library.