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Meltzer, BradThe Fifth Assassin
Meltzer, BradThe President's Shadow
Meltzer, MiltonDorothea Lange: Life Through the Camera
Meltzer, MiltonThe American Revolutionaries: A History in Their Own Words 1750-1800
Melville, HermanMoby Dick
Menarcheck, BobRidge Valley: Living Life in a Coal Mining Town
Mendelson, LeeSnoopy Hits the Beach
Mendonca, SusanBroken Dreams
Mercer, CharlesStatue of Liberty
Meredith, RobertExploring the Great River
Merritt, JosephGuide to the Mammals of Pennsylvania
Meskimen, TamaraThe Chee-Chalker
Messenger, Charles29th Century Weapons Combat Aircraft
Messenger, CharlesHelicopters
Metral, YvetteDolphin
Metral, YvettePanda
Metral, YvetteThe Turtle
Meyer, CarolynRio Grande Stories
Meyer, JoyceThe Penny
Meyer, NicholasThe Seven-per-cent Solution
Meyer, PhilippAmerican Rust
Meyer, StephenieEclipse
Meyer, StephenieNew Moon
Meyer, StephenieThe Host
Meyers, Randy SusanThe Murderer's Daughters
Meyler, DeborahThe Bookstore
Michael, Edwin DarylShadow of the Alleghenies: The Wilderness Adventures of a Frontiersman and His Wolf Pup
Michael, JudithThe Real Mother
Michaels, BarbaraStitches in Time
Michaels, FernComfort and Joy
Michaels, FernCrown Jewel
Michaels, FernFamily Blessings
Good Looking, Michaels, FernHey
Michaels, FernKentucky Sunrise
Michaels, FernLate Bloomer
Michaels, FernListen To Your Heart
Michaels, FernPretty Woman
Michaels, FernReturn To Sender
Michaels, FernSara's Song
Michaels, FernThe Jury
Michaels, FernThe Nosey Neighbor
Michaels, FernUp Close and Personal
Michaels, FernVegas Heat
Michaels, FernYesterday
Michaels, FernHome Free
Michaels, FernBetrayal
Michaels, FernBreaking News
Michaels, FernThe Blossom Sisters
Michener, James A.Alaska
Michener, James A.Caribbean
Michener, James A.Chesapeake
Michener, James A.Mexico
Michener, James A.Poland
Miers, Earl SchenckWe Were There When Washington Won at Yorktown
Migdalski, Edward CThe Fresh & Salt Water Fishes of the World
Miles, BettySecret Life of the Underwear Champ
Miles, BettyTrouble With Thirteen
Milhous, KatherineThe Egg Tree
Millard, AnneThe Egyptians
Millay, Edna StA Few Figs From Thistles: Poems and Sonnets By Edna St. Vincent Millay
Miller, Albert G.The Sesame Street Storybook
Miller, ArthurDeath of a Salesman
Miller, EdnaMousekin's ABC
Miller, EdnaMousekin's Woodland Birthday
Miller, FrancisThe Photographic History of the Civil War in Ten Volumes: Two Years of Grim War
Miller, JaneThe Farm Alphabet Book
Miller, JimThe Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll: The Definitive History of the Most Important Artists and Their Music
1950-1980, Miller, JimThe Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll
Miller, Lillian B.In the Minds and Hearts of the People
Miller, Linda LaelPirates
Greene County, PA, Miller, Lonnie L.Cumberland Mine Fire
Miller, Lonnie L.Nemacolin Mine Fire
Miller, MarvinYou Be the Jury
Miller, NatalieThe Story of the Star-Spangled Banner
Miller, SueThe World Below
Mills, DickA Superguide to Aquarium Fish
Mills, NickCombat Photographer
Milne, A.A.Winnie the Pooh
Milne, LorusInsects and Spiders
Milner, CedricDesert Trek
Milord, SusanHands Around the World: 365 Creative Ways to Encourage Cultural Awareness and Global Respect
Minarik, Elsa HolmelundLittle Bear
Minarik, Else HolmelundA Kiss for Little Bear
No Biting!, Minarik, Else HolmelundNo Fighting
Miner, Jane ClaypoolMalibu Summer
Miner, Mark A.Well At This Time
Minot, SusanEvening
To Market, Miranda, AnneTo Market
Mitchard, JacquelynCage of Stars
Mitchard, JacquelynStill Summer
Mitchard, JacquelynSecond Nature: A Love Story
Mitchell, MargaretGone With the Wind
Mitter, MattHungry Monsters: A Pop-Up Book of Colors
Mitton, TonyDown by the Cool of the Pool
Moley, RaymondAmerican Legion Story
Moncure, Jane BelkHere Comes the Big Parage
Monroe, Mary AliceThe Summer Guests
Montez, Michele50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth
Montgomery, L. M.Anne of Green Gables
Montgomery, L. M.Anne of Ingleside