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Lewis, BeverlyThe Englisher
Lewis, BeverlyThe Mudhole Mystery
Lewis, BeverlyThe Shunning/The Confession/The Reckoning
Lewis, C. S.Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia
Lewis, C. S.The Horse and His Boy
Lewis, C. S.The Last Battle
Lewis, C. S.The Magician's Nephew
Lewis, C. S.The Silver Chair
Lewis, C. S.The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Lewis, Jack W.Storm Coming: A novel of the Civil War in western Virginia
Lewis, LindaWe Hate Everything But Boys
Lewis, Shari Enterprises, Inc.Shari Lewis Presents 101 Games for Kids to Play and Sing
Lewison, Wendy CheyetteClifford's Loose Tooth
Limbaugh, RushSee I Told You So
Limbaugh, RushRush Revere and the Presidency: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans
Lincoln, Cene O'HanlonAutumn Song
Lindbergh, Anne MorrowGift from the Sea
Lindgren, AstridChristmas in Noisy Village
Lindgren, AstridChristmas in the Stable
Lindgren, AstridMischievous Meg
Lindgren, AstridPippi Goes on Board
Lindgren, AstridPippi Longstocking
Lindgren, AstridThe Children of Noisy Village
Lindgren, AstridThe Tomten
Lindsey, DavidMercy
Lindsey, David L.Heat From Another Sun
Lindsey, JohannaAll I Need Is You
Lindsey, JohannaMarriage Most Scandalous
Lindsey, JohannaPrisoner of My Desire
Lindsey, JohannaThe Heir
Lindsey, JohannaThe Present
Line, LesThis Good Earth
Linley, MichaelDiscovering Frogs and Toads
Lionni, LeoFrederick
Lionni, LeoSwimmy
Lionni, LeoThe Greentail Mouse
Lippman, LauraAnother Thing to Fall
Lippman, LauraLife Sentences
Lippman, LauraThe Girl in the Green Raincoat
Lippman, LauraThe Most Dangerous Thing
Lipsyte, RobertSummer Rules
Little, EmilyThe Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War
Littledale, FreyaElves and the Shoemaker
LLC, Studio MouseNursery Rhymes: Mother Goose Story-Time Treasury
Llewellyn, ClaireThe Best Book of Bugs
Lobel, ArnoldA Treeful of Pigs
Lobel, ArnoldFables
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad Are Friends
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad Together
Lobel, ArnoldGiant John
Lobel, ArnoldThe Book of Pigericks: Pig Limericks
Lobel, ArnoldThe Rose in My Garden
Lobel, ArnoldThe Turnaround Wind
Lobel, ArnoldWhiskers & Rhymes
Locker, ThomasAnna and the Bagpiper
Lofts, NorahThe Homecoming
Lofts, NorahThe Old Priory
Lofts, NorahThe Town House
Lohf, SabineThings I Can Make With Cloth
Lokko, LesleySaffron Skies
London, JackJack London's Stories for Boys
London, JackThe Call of the Wild and White Fang
Long, EarleneGone Fishing
Long, JeffYear Zero
Long, Julie AnnTo Love a Thief
Long, LorenAn Otis Christmas
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthChildren's Stories from Longfellow
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthPaul Revere's Ride
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthThe Song of Hiawatha
Longford, ElizabethQueen Victoria: Born to Succeed
Loon, Hendrik Willem VanHow to Look at Pictures: A Short History of Painting
Loots, Barbara KunzThe Quick Tricks Magic Book
Lorant, StefanLincoln: A Picture Story of His Life
Lord, John VernonThe Giant Jam Sandwich
Louv, Richard101 Things You Can Do for Our Children's Future
Lovely, StephenIrreplaceable
Lowell, ElizabethDie in Plain Sight
Lowell, ElizabethJade Island
Lowell, ElizabethRunning Scared
Lowell, ElizabethThe Color of Death
Lowell, MelissaChance of a Lifetime
Lowell, MelissaOn the Edge
Lowell, MelissaSilver Blades: Now or Never
Lowrey, Janette SebringThe Poky Little Puppy
Lowry, LoisAnastasia Krupnik
Lowry, LoisAnastasia's Chosen Career
Lowry, LoisAutumn Street
J.P., Lowry, LoisYour Move
Loxton, HowardGuide to the Cats of the World
Ltd, Dorling KindersleyMy First Nature Book
Learn to Read Kindergarten, Ltd, Gateway Educational ProductsHooked on Phonics
Ltd, LucasfilmWillow
Ltd., Editor) Editors of Publications International (AuthorTreasury of Mother Goose
Lubell, Winidred and CecilUp a Tree
Lubell, WinifredRosalie: The Bird Market Turtle
Lucado, MaxA Gentle Thunder
Lucado, MaxA Love Worth Giving: Living in the Overflow of God's Love
Lucado, MaxThe Applause of Heaven
Lucado, MaxWhen God Whispers Your Name
Lucado, Max3:16: The Numbers of Hope