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Steinbeck, JohnThe Winter of Our Discontent
Steiner, RudolfWhat is It
Steiner, T. J.A Bug's Life: Classic Storybook
Stepakoff, JeffreyThe Orchard: A Novel
Stepanek, Mattie J. T.Journey Through Heartsongs
Stepanic, Sr., AndrewSWOOSHY-The Christmas Squirrel
Stephanopoulos, GeorgeAll Too Human: A Political Education
Stephenson, NealQuicksilver
Steptoe, JohnMufaro's Beautiful Daughters
Sternberg, PatriciaOn Stage: How to Put on a Play
Stevens, ClivePapercraft School
Stevens, JanetThe Princess and the Pea
Stevenson, AugustaClara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross
Stevenson, D. EThe House of the Deer
Stevenson, JamesWhen I Was Nine
Stevenson, JocelynAnybody Can Play
Stevenson, JocelynWhen I'm As Big As Freddie
Stevenson, Robert LouisDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Stevenson, Robert LouisTreasure Island
Stevenson, Robert PresleyA History of the Stevenson and Related Families Who Originated in Maryland and Southwestern Pennsylvania
Stevenson, Robert PresleyThe Long Way Home
Stevenson, WilliamIntrepid's Last Case
Stewart, Brent S.Marine Mammals of the World
Stewart, Elinore PruittLetters of a Woman Homesteader
Stewart, Fred MustardThe Methuselah Enzyme
Stewart, LeahThe Myth of You and Me
Stewart, Marjabelle Y.Teen Dating Guide
Stewart, MaryAirs Above the Ground
Stewart, MaryThe Gabriel Hounds
Stewart, MaryThe Hollow Hills
Stewart, MaryThe Ivy Tree
Stewart, MaryThe Wicked Way
Stewart, MaryThornyhold
Stewart, MaryTouch Not the Cat
Stickland, HenriettaDinosaur Roar
Stickland, PaulMachines As Big As Monsters
Stickland, PaulMachines as Tall as Giants
Stine, R. L.Be Careful What You Wish For...
Stine, R. L.Deep Trouble
Stine, R. L.Escape from the Carnival of Horrors
Stine, R. L.Ghost Camp
Stine, R. L.Go Eat Worms
Stine, R. L.How to Kill a Monster
Stine, R. L.Let's Get Invisible
Stine, R. L.My Hairiest Adventure
Stine, R. L.One Day at Horrorland
Stine, R. L.Piano Lessons Can Be Murder
Stine, R. L.Stay Out of the Basement
Stine, R. L.The Girl Who Cried Monster
Stine, R. L.The Haunted Mask
Stine, R. L.The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
Stine, R. L.The Second Horror
Stine, R. L.Welcome to Camp Nightmare
Stine, R. L.You Can't Scare Me
Stine, R.L.Phantom of the Auditorium
Stine, R.L.Why I'm Afraid Of Bees
Stockdale, SusanStripes of All Types
Stockett, KathrynThe Help
Stoker, BramDracula
Stokes, Penelope J.The Blue Bottle Club
Stolz, MaryThe Noonday Friends
Stone, IrvingThe Greek Treasure
Stone, JeanBeach Roses
Stone, JeanneThe Julian Messner Illustrated Dictionary of Science
Stoner, James LDown to Earth Meditations That Will Give You a Lift
Storey, Walter BuzzStories of Uniontown and Fayette County
Stotz, Charles MorseThe Early Architecture Of Western Pennsylvania
Straalen, Alice vanThe Book of Holidays Around the World
Tips & Tales, Strand, MarkWalleye Tactics
Strangis, Jay MichaelFreshwater Fishing Secrets
Strasser, ToddHelp! I'm Trapped in the First Day of Summer Camp
Straub, PeterIn the Night Room
Straub, PeterMystery
Strickland, CarolThe Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to Post-Modern
Strimbeck, DonaldCommerce Decline on Upper Monongahela
Stringer, C. VivianStanding Tall: A Memoir of Tragedy and Triumph
Strout, ElizabethOlive Kitteridge
Most Moving Verse in the English Language, Stuart, SarahTreasury of Great Poems: An Inspiring Collection of the Best-Loved
Styron, AlexandraAll the Finest Girls
Sullivan, E. J.The Littlest Snowman
Sullivan, Eugene T.The Wilton Way of Cake Decorating Volume 1
Sullivan, J. CourtneyMaine
Sullivan, MarkBeneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel
Sulzberger, C. L.The American Heritage Picture History of World War II
Sumey, BrandiHidden Power
Sumey, BrandiBehind the Gates
a Couple of Irrelevant Losses, and a Life in Perspective, Summitt, Pat HeadSum It Up: A Thousand and Ninety-Eight Victories
Sundquist, BruceHiking Guide to Western Pennsylvania
Supraner, RobynMerry Christmas: Things to Make and Do
Supraner, RobynPlenty of Puppets to Make
Supraner, RobynRainy Day Surprises You Can Make
Supraner, RobynValentine's Day: Things to Make and Do
Sutherland, MargaretThanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks
Sutherland, Regina HaleThe Red Hat Society's Acting Their Age
Sutton, R. J.The Stamp Collector's Encyclopedia
Suzanne, JamieThree's a Crowd
Swan, D.K.Adventures of Sindbad the Sailor
Swan, SusanTwelve Days Of Christmas
Swanson, James L.Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer
Sweeney, Scott BakerCheat River Three