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Rosenblum, RobertAfterlove
Rosenfelt, DavidHeart of a Killer
Rosnay, Tatiana deSarah's Key
Rosnay, Tatiana deThe House I Loved
Ross, Ann B.Miss Julia Hits the Road
Ross, Ann B.Miss Julia Meets Her Match
Ross, Ann B.Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind
Ross, Ann B.Miss Julia Stands Her Ground
Ross, Ann B.Miss Julia Throws a Wedding
Ross, Ann B.Miss Julia's School of Beauty
Ross, DaveHow to Prevent Monster Attacks
Ross, JoAnnOne Summer: A Shelter Bay Novel
Ross, JudyLoons and Black Bears
Ross, JudyMoose and Owls
Ross, Nancy WilsonThe Waves: The Story of the Girls in Blue
Charles A. Lindbergh, Ross, Walter S.The Last Hero
Rostkowski, MargaretAfter the Dancing Days
Book 2), Roth, VeronicaInsurgent (Divergent
Roth, VeronicaAllegiant
Roth, VeronicaDivergent
Rowe, JeannetteGuess Who Sounds?
Rowell, RainbowLandline
Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Rowse, A.L.William Shakespeare: A Biography
Roy, GabrielleHidden Mountain
Rozan, S.J.Absent Friends
Rubo, Gwyn HymanIcy Sparks
Rudeen, KennethRoberto Clemente
Morris Cross Roads, : Spring Hill Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, Parish Records, 1856-1930, Ruff, PaulSt. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Ruis, MariaTouch
Perfect Killer?, Rule, AnnDead By Sunset: Perfect Husband
Rumpf, BettyPapier Mache
Rumsey, MarianBeaver of Weeping Water
000 Pictures, Runyon, MiltonAround the World in 1
Rusch, Kristine KathrynStar Wars: The New Rebellion
Rush, CarolineTales of Mr. Pengachoosa
Russert, TimBig Russ and Me: Father and Son--Lessons of Life
Ruth, PhillipDiscovering Dunlap
Ruth, PhillipSeeking Searights and Shaws
Rutherfurd, EdwardThe Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga
Rutledge, LyndaFaith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale
Ryan, CorneliusA Bridge Too Far
Ryan, MaryMask of the Night
Rydell, WendyDiscovering Fossils
Rylant, CynthiaAppalachia: The Voices of Sleeping Birds
Rylant, CynthiaDog Heaven
Rylant, CynthiaHenry and Mudge First Book
Rylant, CynthiaHenry and Mudge in the Green Time
Rylant, CynthiaHenry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon
Rylant, CynthiaMissing May
Rylant, CynthiaThe Relatives Came
Rylant, CynthiaWhen I Was Young in the Mountains: 2
Saavedra, Miguel De CervantesDon Quixote de La Mancha
SabinElizabeth Blackwell
SabinLouis Pasteur
SabinNarcissa Whitman: Brave Pioneer
SabinThomas Alva Edison: Young Inventor
Sabin, FranceneAmelia Earhart
Sabin, FranceneFreedom Documents
Sabin, FranceneJackie Robinson
Sabin, FranceneThe Courage of Helen Keller
Sabin, FranceneThe Magic String
Sabin, FranceneWonders of the Forest
Sabin, FranceneWonders of the Pond
Voice of American Revolution, Sabin, LouisPatrick Henry
The Flight to Adventure, Sabin, LouisWilbur and Orville Wright
Sabin, LouisWonders of the Desert
Sabin, LouisWonders of the Sea
Sachar, LouisMarvin Redpost: Alone in His Teachers House
Sachar, LouisSideways Stories from Wayside School
Sachar, LouisThere's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom
Sachar, LouisWayside School is Falling Down
Sachs, MarilynA Secret Friend
Sachs, MarilynClass Pictures: 2
Sachs, MarilynThe Bears' House
Sachs, MarilynThe Truth About Mary Rose
Sachs, PaulThe Pocket Book of Great Drawings
Sadler, MarilynThe Parakeet Girl
Sage, AngieSeptimus Heap - Flyte
Sage, AngieFlyte
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine deThe Little Prince
Salinger, J.D.Franny and Zooey
Salisbury, MikeArctic Expedition
Saltzberg, BarneyI Love Cats
Salvatore, R. AIcewind Dale Trilogy
Exile, Sojourn, Salvatore, R. A.The Dark Elf Trilogy: Homeland
Salvatore, R. A.The Sword of Bedwyr
Salvatore, R.A.Vector Prime
Sams, Carl R.Stranger in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy
Sams, Carl R.Winter Friends
Samuel, BarbaraThe Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue
San Souci, Robert D.The Talking Eggs
Sandburg, CarlAbe Lincoln Grows Up
Sandburg, CarlAbraham Lincoln: The War Years 4 Volumes