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AviCrispin: Cross of Lead
Babbitt, NatalieTuck Everlasting
Backman, FredrikA Man Called Ove: A Novel
Bacon, DoloresPictures That Every Child Should Know - A Selection Of The World's Art Masterpieces For Young People
Bagnold, EnidNational Velvet
Bailey, Carolyn SherwinOld Man Rabbit's Dinner Party
Getting Fit, Bailey, CovertSmart Exercise: Burning Fat
Bailey, Joseph HGiants From the Past
Baines, JocelynThe ABC of Indoor Plants
Bains, RaeBabe Ruth
Bains, RaeClara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield
Bains, RaeHarriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom
Bains, RaeRocks and Minerals
Bains, RaeWater
Bains, RaeWonders of Rivers
Bajaj, VarshaHow Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?
Baker, C.Cockleburr Quarters
Baker, GordonA History of the Schools of Springhill Township
Baker, GordonPeter Baker of Springhill
Baker, James W.April Fool's Day Magic
Baker, KeithNo Two Alike
Baker, LaceyHomecoming
Baker, LucyLife In The Oceans
Baker, OlafWhere the Buffaloes Begin
Baker, WendyNASA: America in Space
Baldacci, DavidDivine Justice
Baldacci, DavidFirst Family
Baldacci, DavidHour Game
Baldacci, DavidSaving Faith
Baldacci, DavidSimple Genius
Baldacci, DavidSplit Second
Baldacci, DavidStone Cold
Baldacci, DavidThe Camel Club
Baldacci, DavidThe Christmas Train
Baldacci, DavidThe Collectors
Baldacci, DavidThe Whole Truth
Baldacci, DavidThe Winner
Baldacci, DavidTrue Blue
Baldacci, DavidWish You Well
Baldacci, DavidHell's Corner
Baldacci, DavidThe Sixth Man
Baldacci, DavidOne Summer
Baldacci, DavidZero Day
Baldacci, DavidThe Innocent
Baldacci, DavidThe Forgotten
Baldacci, DavidThe Hit
Baldacci, DavidKing and Maxwell
Baldacci, DavidThe Target
Baldacci, DavidThe Escape
Baldacci, DavidMemory Man
Baldacci, DavidThe Fallen
Baldacci, DavidOne Good Deed
Baldacci, DavidEnd Game
Baldrige, LetitiaIn the Kennedy Style: Magical Evenings in the Kennedy White House
Balducci, RitaBusy Counting Book
Baldwin, FaithTime and the Hour
Ballingall, PeterLearn Golf in a Weekend
Really Angry, Bang, MollyWhen Sophie Gets Angry...Really
Banks, Lynne ReidThe Indian in the Cupboard
Banks, Lynne ReidThe Mystery of the Cupboard
Bannister, RogerThe Four Minute Mile
Barbour, Philip L.Pocahontas and Her World
Barkly, BobThe Dog Who Cried "Woof!"
Barksdale, LenaThe First Thanksgiving
Barnes, LindaDeep Pockets
Barnett, JillSentimental Journey
Barnett, JillThe Days of Summer
Lookaway: A Novel, Barnhardt, WiltonLookaway
Barr, Nevada13 1/2
Barr, NevadaFlashback
Barr, NevadaHard Truth
Barr, NevadaHigh Country
Barr, NevadaHunting Season
Barr, NevadaSuperior Death
BarrettBenjamins 365 Birthdays
Barrett, MarvinMeet Thomas Jefferson
Barrientos, Tanya MariaFrontera Street
Barroll, ClareSeason of the Heart
Barry, BrunoniaThe Lace Reader
Barry, DaveTricky Business
Phrases, and Proverbs Traced to Their Sources in Ancient and Modern Literature, Bartlett, JohnBartlett's Familiar Quotations: A Collection of Passages
Bartlett, Virginia K.Keeping House: Women's Lives in Western Pennsylvania 1790-1850
Readings in Americana, Barton, ShawMy Country tis of Thee
Base, GraemeThe Water Hole
Bass, JeffersonCarved in Bone
Bass, RobertSwamp Fox
Batchelor, MaryThe Lion Book of Children's Prayers
Bates, BettyCall Me Friday the Thirteenth
Bates, Katharine LeeAmerica the Beautiful
Pennsylvania, Bates, SamuelHistory of Greene County
BAUER, Marion & PEYSER, Ethel.How Music Grew From Prehistoric Times
Bauermeister, EricaThe School of Essential Ingredients
Baum, L. FrankThe Wizard of Oz
Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank)The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
BAYLORCoyote Cry
Bazaldua, BarbaraSnow Puppies
Beal, GeorgeSimon & Schuster Young Readers' Thesaurus
Extraordinary Courage, Beamer, LisaLet's Roll!: Ordinary People
Beaton, M. C.The Perfect Paragon
Beauman, SallyThe Sisters Mortland