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Irving, JohnThe Cider House Rules
Newstead Abbey, Abbotsford, Irving, WashingtonA Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada
Bracebridge Hall, Irving, WashingtonAdventures of Captain Bonneville
Irving, WashingtonKnickerbocker's History of New York
Irving, WashingtonLife of George Washington - Four Volumes
Irving, WashingtonMahomet and His Successors
Irving, WashingtonOliver Goldsmith; a Biography
Irving, WashingtonRip VanWinkle or the Strange Men of the Mountains/Legend of Sleepy Hollow or the Headless Horseman
Irving, WashingtonThe Alhambra: Tales of a Traveler
A Tour on the Prairie, Irving, WashingtonThe Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus
Irving, WashingtonThe Sketch Book - Legends of the Conquest of Spain - A Life of Washington Irving
Isaacs, SusanLong Time No See
Isaacson, WalterKissinger: A Biography
Isadora, RachelMax
Isadora, RachelLuke Goes to Bat
Ishiguro, KazuoThe Remains of the Day
Israel, MarionCherokees
Italia, BobWeapons of War
Ives, Jack D.Mountains
Ivy, BillBighorn Sheep and Prairie Dogs
Ivy, BillTigers and Giraffes
Ivy, BillZebras/Rhinoceros
Jablons, LoriSpy Killer (Stories from the Golden Age)
Injustice and the Death Penalty, Jackson, JesseLegal Lynching: Racism
Jackson, JoshilynThe Girl Who Stopped Swimming
Jackson, LisaShiver
Jackson, ShirleyThe Haunting of Hill House
Jackson, ShirleyWe Have Always Lived in the Castle
Jacobs, FrankMad Goes Wild
Jacobs, GBasketball Rules in Pictures
Jacobs, Leland B.Is Somewhere Always Far Away?
Jacobs, WThe Monkey's Paw and Other Tales of Mystery and the Macabre
Jacques, BrianTaggerung
Jaffe, RonaThe Room-Mating Season
Jahn, Ryan DavidGood Neighbors a Novel
Jakes, JohnCharleston
Jakes, JohnNorth and South
Jakes, JohnHeaven and Hell: The Conclusion of the North & South Trilogy
James, HenryThe Turn of the Screw
James, P. D.A Taste for Death
James, P. D.Death in Holy Orders
James, P. D.Devices and Desires
James, P. D.Original Sin
James, P.D.The Children Of Men
James, P.D.Three Complete Novels: Murder in Triplicate
Jance, J.A.Partner in Crime
Janet, LillianTouchstone
Janson, Anthony F.History of Art 7th Ed.
Jassem, KateSquanto: The Pilgrim Adventure
Air, Air, Jefferies, LawrenceAir
Jefferies, LawrenceAll About Stars
Jefferies, LawrenceAmazing World of Animals
Jeffers, SusanAll the Pretty Horses
Sister Sky, Jeffers, SusanBrother Eagle
Customs, and Rites of Passage to Celebrate Our Cultural Heritage, Jenkins, EmylThe Book of American Traditions: Stories
Jenkins, Jerry B.Though None Go with Me
Jenkins, LaHaye &Glorious Appearing: The End of Days
Jensen, AntonyUnderwater Dive
Jensen, CandiKnit Scarves!: 16 Cool Patterns to Keep You Warm
Jeschke, SusanPerfect the Pig
Jeter, JackyThe Cat and the Fiddler
Jezierski, ChetSpeed!: Indy Car Racing
Jio, SarahBlackberry Winter: A Novel
Joerns, ConsueloThe Midnight Castle
Johansen, IrisCountdown
Johansen, IrisFatal Tide
Johansen, IrisFinal Target
Johansen, IrisFirestorm
Johansen, IrisKiller Dreams
Johansen, IrisOn the Run
Johansen, IrisThe Face of Deception
Johansen, IrisClose Your Eyes
Johansen, IrisSleep No More: An Eve Duncan Novel
Johansen, IrisTaking Eve: An Eve Duncan Novel
Johansen, IrisThe Perfect Witness: A Novel
Johansen, IrisYour Next Breath
Johns, BudOld Dogs Remembered
Johnson, Ann D.The Value of Caring: The Story of Eleanor Roosevelt
Johnson, Ann DoneganThe Value of Respect: The Story of Abraham Lincoln
Johnson, CaesarTo See a World in a Grain of Sand
Johnson, DougNever Ride Your Elephant to School
Johnson, Eric W.The Stolen Ruler
Johnson, FredThe Big Bears
Johnson, FredTurtles and Tortoises
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines)Taking Charge
Johnson, Sylvia A.Bats
Johnson, Sylvia A.Inside an Egg
Johnson, William OscarThe Olympics: A History of the Games
Johnston, NormaMustard Seed of Magic
Johnston, TonyThe Quilt Story
Johnston, VeldaThe House on Bostwick Square
Jonas, AnnRound Trip
Jones, Edward P.The Known World
Jordan, KillianLIFE Legends: The Century's Most Unforgettable Faces
Jordan, LL. D John W.Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania Vol I-III
Jordan, Philip DThe National Road
Jourdan, CarolynHeart in the Right Place
Jr., James D. McMahonMilton Hershey School (Campus History) (The Campus History Series)
Goodbye Window, Juster, NortonThe Hello
Juster, NortonThe Phantom Tollbooth